Thursday, March 10, 2011

Song Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Kook >>Going Crazy

It’s not love
This isn’t love
It’s just your obsession
Whatever I do
It’s frightening
The you who watches me

I follow in your shadow
I make a phone call
I become thrilled at the sound of your shaking breath
My heart runs after your increasingly quick steps
I think I’ll go crazy
The long night gets darker
Under the dead streetlamp in front of your house
I’m watching you through the crack in your window
Until the night ends
Come on and find me
You keep playing a suffocating game of hide-and-seek with me
You, you, you
You’re inseparable from

Have you gone crazy?
Why are you like this?
Please just leave me alone now
Seeing you is suffocating
Please disappear from my sight


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